Friday, April 13, 2012

Why you should not take medicine...

Baru baru ni keputusan peperiksaan SPM telah diumumkan dan seperti biasa result SPM terus meningkat(jaranglah dia tak meningkat), and the number of students who obtained straight As is increasing year by year... when asked... what they gonna take after spm , most of them would answer.. wanna take medicine...

But if you look at the current conditions in the country, I would like to advice to all straight As student (or 1B like myself) not to take medicine as your tertiary education... why? Firstly the number of doctors in Malaysia keep increasing every year,and the number of IPTA which offers medicine in malaysia alone also keep increasing.. and not to forget, Malaysia send thousands of student to study medicine in many countries  like Russia, India, UK, Egypt, Jordan, Ireland, Indonesia and so on  EVERY YEAR... so new data saying that in year 2015 which is 3 years from now... doctor is not a critical profession by then... and you might find jobless doctors in that year...

Secondly... Malaysia do not have a lot of hospitals to accomodate the large numbers of freshly graduated medical student (or HO), from the talk of one of professor of medicine in Malaysia, she (Dr Harlina) said that some department in hospital is full of HO up to 60 HOs... so you could evaluate yourself whether this HO is quality or not...(i'm not saying all HO is not quality, but if a large amount of HO in certain departments, you will not have the opportunity to do certain jobs well)

Thirdly... study of medicine is a long and tiring process... some take  5years, others 6... plus 2 years of HO.. for me myself I would sometimes regret of taking medicine as my tertiary education...(saja2 nak tambah, not a point actually, actually medicine is "best") You know what  I give you one example... if you remember.. in the late 90s, the government encourage student to take science computer degree as the world of internet, computers, laptop are expanding, and a lot of student choose to take this degree.. but now.. we can see a lot of jobless people from this degree.. again I dont say all of them do not have job, but most them are jobless... (correct me if im wrong)

Nobel Prize medal
Fourthly... come on.. a lot more interesting degree you can take rather than medicine... such as architecture, law, biology, chemistry, mathematics... not to forget, Malaysia is becoming a more scientific country by the year 2020, so I would like to advice all straight As students out there or anyone who interested in medicine, why not take pure science as your degree instead of medicine... from then you can take master and Ph.D after that and still got the tittle Dr.. (because some students like myself is obsessed with tittle hehe).. and you can be a researcher in your field... and at the same time contributing to the field of science and technology in the country (if you were to create a device or a vaccine to cure disease), which i think is more than the contribution most of doctors in the hospitals... from that you can be the first Malaysian to get Nobel Prize if you were lucky...

The reasons why United States Of America is such a great major power in the world (as they claimed) nowadays is because a lot of research and technology were created everyday in a lot of fields such as military, science and so on... So the time has come for us, Malaysians to realized that we need to change our attitude and thinking, and help to develop this blessed and beautiful country...
I love my country

Lastly.. it is you who determined whether we are moving forward or otherwise....


(This article is just a personal opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the current situation today)

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  1. Hmm..
    betul jugak. tq bagi advice.

  2. We do have lots of doctors , but we lack of specialists.. so doctor wanna be , please dont stop until u become MO.. pity us the next generation who have a big desire to become a doctor.. :( p/s: usually i feel good after reading your article , but this one is kind of scary..

    1. Thanks for reading this article... this article specifically discussed about the increasing number of doctors in Malaysia... and I do agree the demand of medical specialist in Malaysia is still far beyond the country's target...

  3. this article like killing my ambition. well i think most of doctors will agree bout the thing you hv said. my doctor said so. you better think 100x before you make a decision to be a doctor. The pay isn't enough or affordable with tons of works they did.

    PMR 's candidate 2013 ( im not big enough to say this but i hv to) ups...hee

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