Sunday, October 2, 2011

What is heart attack and how you can prevent it...

According to the World Health Organization about 12% of all death in the world is related to the heart disease and it is one of the leading disease in the developed country. Heart attack also known as the myocardial infarction is defined as the interruption of blood supply to a part of a heart and result in cell ischaemia and eventually cell death.
Causes of Heart Attack
Human heart
Many scientist believe that heart attack is caused by building up of cholestrol in the wall of the artery (vulnerable atherosclerosis) supplying the heart(coronary artery). This cholestrol will eventually become hardens and formed plaque over the wall of the artery and this result in less amount of blood flow to that area. When the plaque ruptures, it will block small artery of the heart and caused  a heart attack.
blocked artery

Risk factor of heart attack

Trip to Cairo and Hussein

After completing my  final examination, I have had the oppurtunity to joined a trip to Cairo and Hussein town on July 26th 2011... the purpose of the trip as they said is to released our tension  of the whole year studying , sleeping, and eating (the last 2 is what i did the most).. and so on... so I and my classmates went to Cairo together with our seniors . We went to  Cairo International Bowling Centre  and spent about 3 hours playing  bowling and talking...   eventhough I did not win the competition , but it is a memorable memory that will make me remember for the rest of my life... Like saying “it is not about winning that  important but the experience you shall never get it back”...  we then went to Hussein town... they said  the name of the town was taken from the name of the grandson of Prophet  Muhammad SAW who was buried on the ground of the Al Hussein Mosque. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed going there and looking forward to go there again...

on the way to cairo and saw this on the road


inside IBC

main road

infront of al hussein mosque


more camel


a lot of souvenir to be brought back

shopping area

infront of al hussein mosque


pepsi.....after tired of walking... surprised to find out the price for the pepsi LE 20 (RM 10)

oh by the way.. Egyptian  are very nice people... always smiling to foreigners... and it should be  an example and be followed... lastly dont forget to bargain with the sellers as you might find the price will be much lower than the original priced...
(macam karangan budak sekolah rendah pulak kan...)


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Semangat Kenegerian...

Alhamdulillah, baru pulang dari majlis bersama student baru di sini malam tadi. Dalam saya sempat bersembang dengan beberapa orang rakan-rakan, saya terdengar beberapa rakan yg lain bercerita mengenai negeri asal mereka dan tempat tempat di negeri mereka bersama rakan rakan yang sama negeri dengan mereka dan mereka pula tidak langsung bergaul dengan orang dari negeri lain. Fenomena ini telah lama saya saksikan sejak beberapa tahun yg lalu ketika menuntut di Pahang sehinggalah saya mengambil keputusan untuk menulis mengenai perkara ini. Bagi saya kenapa kita perlu terlampau ekstrim mengenai negeri kelahiran kita, bukan kah kita semua lahir di negara yang satu, Malaysia. Dahlah tu , hanya bergaul dengan orang yg sama negeri sahaja... perkara sebegini sepatutnya tidak lagi berlaku dalam negara Malaysia ini kerana perkara ini pasti akan merugikan negara kita sendiri.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Welcome to my first blog....

The intention of making this blog served as a platform for me to express all of my views in anything that interest me... I hope that all of my views in the form of articles or anything expressed in this blog will benefit me and the viewers.... You may comment and share about anything in this blog...

Thank You

Delfadzil 2011


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